Brian Martin Republican for Washington State 7th Congressional District

Brian Martin Republican for Washington State 7th Congressional District

Brian Martin Republican for Washington State 7th Congressional DistrictBrian Martin Republican for Washington State 7th Congressional DistrictBrian Martin Republican for Washington State 7th Congressional District

7th District:


Normandy Park


Vashon Island


Lake Forest Park


Meet the Candidate

Hi, my name is Brian Martin. I am a Republican running for U.S. Representative for Washington state's 7th congressional district.

This position is currently held by Pramila Jayapal (Democrat). I am running against her because she is making decisions that are not right for our country.

Consider her vote against the military budget that contained cost-of-living raises and health care for our service members 

(it passed overwhelmingly with bi-partisan support).

And consider her vote against the Democrat-sponsored bill against the BDS Movement—the boycott, divest, and sanction Israel movement that seeks to de-legitimize Israel

(it passed overwhelmingly with bi-partisan support).

Pramila Jayapal is voting against the wishes of the Democratic Party and in favor of her own Leftist agenda.

I have never run for public office before. I taught at the college level for more than ten years, and I was elected by my colleagues to be a Union Representative for 2016 - 2017, and then a Contract Negotiator for that same academic year.

An article in the Seattle Times that said the Republican party was having a hard time finding candidates. I know many would say it is crazy for me to run as a Republican in the third most liberal district in the nation (after Oakland, CA and Brooklyn, NY), but I've decided to give it a try.

    I was born and raised in this district — the 7th congressional district — so I decided that I will do my best to speak up for the conservatives here. Maybe we are not as outnumbered as we feel. I know that many conservatives here feel discouraged, and so do not vote, and probably do not even register to vote. I know that many feel outnumbered, and so do not speak up in public or social situations.

You might be saying to yourself, "But there is no chance that a Republican would win in this liberal district, why should I even bother to vote?"

You should vote because we can take the mandate away from Jayapal. In the last two elections, she has won by about 85 percent, which is a lot. But consider, what if she won at only 55 percent, and conservative voters showed up at 45 percent? She would have won the election, but she would also have to be mindful that she represents a large number of conservative citizens, and she cannot just ignore them. And we would have shown that our district is not so full of liberals as everyone supposed.—Now, maybe it is, and maybe I will lose by a great margin. Well, that is okay. I will have tried.

Having said that, I do think that if conservatives turned out and voted, we could unseat Pramila Jayapal and turn the 7th District red. It is possible!

Please, for our district and for our country, get yourself registered and cast your vote—and encourage your conservative family members and friends to register and to vote as well.

I intend to go out and meet my fellow citizens of our 7th district to introduce myself and learn about your concerns about our country — please come out and meet me!

(If you click on ISSUES at the top of this webpage, you can read about my positions on a few key issues.) 

Links to my Facebook and Twitter pages are at the bottom of each of these pages.


Campaign Anecdote

Last week (February 1st) I started door-to-door campaigning. I was nervous, but the first house I went to was great. A guy had a woodworking project going on in his driveway. 

I walked up and he eyed me suspiciously, "Can I help you, sir?" I introduce myself and it turns out he does not like Jayapal and he's really friendly to me. We talked for about twenty minutes.

A few houses later, I hand my campaign card to a woman and I ask, "Do you know who our current representative is?" She doesn't know, and I tell her, "Jayapal." 

"Oh, I like her," she replies. "You won't be getting my vote," and he hands my card back.

"Fair enough," I smile. "Thanks, anyway."

And I'm actually happy as I walk away, because that's how our American system works. We are not a one-party country, like communist China, where you *have* to support the Communist Party. We can choose, and may the more popular candidate win.

I will do my best to find the conservatives here and round up support to beat Jayapal.


No candidate can run all by himself, or herself; 

I would be grateful for your help.

Without Your Donation, I Won't Be Able to Run My Campaign

Anything you can contribute is helpful and much appreciated!

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